Graphics and RAM upgrade for Civ4

  Insomnia 17:24 25 Aug 07

Hello all, been over a year since i've been on here. Here's the deal Civ4 is out and I've been a massive fan of the series but I belive my pc in it's present form wouldn't stand a chance. I have a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+ with 512MB RAM and an integrated graphics card. I'm planning on adding a GIG in RAM but need some help with the graphics card, any suggestions?

And when shopping for a new card what info do i need to know about my own comp? Also, it terms of my budget around £60 ideally, but willing to go up to £100.

  SANTOS7 18:31 25 Aug 07

click here

system requirements in the link, more memory would serve you well anyway, the graphics card will depend on the type of MOBO you have..

  Armchair 13:27 26 Aug 07

Hello again! I'll expand on waht I said in the other topic.

Worth buying AGP cards, best is last:-

X1950 GT
7900 GS
X1950 Pro
7950 GT (XFX make them)
X1950 XT (by GeCube)

There are DX10 AGP cards, by ATI, but so far they've all been pathetic. An X1950 GT would serve you well enough. They're £82 at ebuyer atm.

  keef66 13:16 31 Aug 07

you need to know what kind of graphics card slot your motherboard has (AGP or PCI-express) or alternatively tell us the make / model of motherboard.

Also you need to know the size (watts) of your power suply. Some of the cards mentioned by Armchair may need more power than your psu can provide, so you may need to replace it.

Also be aware that decent graphics cards can produce a lot of heat when gaming, so you might also need to improve on case cooling

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