Graphics Problem ?

  rawprawn 18:39 PM 10 Sep 11

My computer has suddenly developed a vertical "Grey" stripe about 3 cm wide all the way through the centre of my screen. I have reinstalled the NVIDIA driver, but there is no difference. Any help appreciated RP

  rawprawn 18:40 PM 10 Sep 11

Should have said it appears on boot before anything is loaded

  rdave13 18:49 PM 10 Sep 11

Do you have another monitor to try? It might be failing. If still there then the graphics card?

  rawprawn 18:55 PM 10 Sep 11

rdave13, no it is a laptop and all I have, if it is failing as I suspected I may be able to install a new one. Unfortunately I have just come out of hospital after an operation and may have to leave it until I feel better.

  john bunyan 19:00 PM 10 Sep 11

rawprawn. Can't help with your screen, but hope you feel better soon!

  john bunyan 19:06 PM 10 Sep 11

PS from Google : Either it os a LCD problem or it may be worth updating your graphics drivers via device manager.

  rawprawn 19:12 PM 10 Sep 11

john bunyan, thank you for your kind thought, I have already tried updating the driver with no success. My laptop is about 4 1/2 years old and well used

  rawprawn 11:17 AM 11 Sep 11

I have googled the problem and there doesn't seem to be a fix for my laptop (Age is a wonderful thing) it appears that some people have found it disappears and others say it's intermittant. Anyway there seems nothing I can do so I will leave it alone and try to ignore it. Thanks for your responses. RP

  sunnystaines 12:18 PM 11 Sep 11

rawprawn was that your sony?


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