Graphics problem

  -Beb- 17:21 06 Feb 04


I recently bought a Gainward FX5200 PCI graphics card (no AGP slot as my mobo had onboard graphics on an Intel 82810). Anyways, I installed the graphics card and disabled the onboard graphics by using device manager as I couldn’t find a BIOS setting for it. I switched my monitor over to the new graphics card and booted up windows (XP pro SP1) and noticed that everything on my screen had a sort of shadow of itself, and when the resolution is turned up this shadowing effect worsens. I have downloaded the latest nVidia drivers, but this has made no difference.

Can anyone please help?


  -Beb- 17:59 06 Feb 04

Anyone? Please help :(

  Joe McG 18:02 06 Feb 04

are you sure there is no setting in the bios to enable and disable VGA?

  pinka 18:03 06 Feb 04

look for a features setup page in your bios.

  -Beb- 18:05 06 Feb 04

Ive looked and cant find anything to do with onboard graphics, only stuff like the onboard audio. Will this really make a differance?

  Joe McG 18:07 06 Feb 04

Yes, if your onboard agp is not disabled, it will have a detrimental effect on graphics.

  Joe McG 18:08 06 Feb 04

If you are sure there is no bios setting, use the uninstall tab in device manager.

  pinka 18:12 06 Feb 04

would that not cause windows just to try installing again on next restart ?

  -Beb- 18:13 06 Feb 04

Yes it does, its really annoying

  pinka 18:16 06 Feb 04

whats your mobo make and model ?

  Joe McG 18:16 06 Feb 04


possibly, but hopefully it will detect the other card in use. If not the installation can be cancelled.

Also it is possibly a jumper setting.

-BeB- what is the mobo you are using, it should be a simple task to find a user manual fir it.?

Sorry pinka, that thought just came to my head. ( i,m only waffling cos' i've made a sack of my last posting)!

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