Graphics drivers/on-baords graphics

  will123 19:25 27 Jun 05

Recently formatted C drive, and re-installed everything. It all went fine untill i tried to load up Couter Strike : Source. This worked before the format so i know it works on this comp. Im thinking its a driver problemn or a on-board grpahics clash. Im using a K7VT4A motherboad and have a GeForce fx5600 256 DDR graphics card. The problem occurs when loading all games, but windows runs fine.
Using Windows Xp.
Any ideas, or how to disable to on-board graphics, it isnt in my device manager on system. Only says the Fx5600 and i have all the latest drivers, but a message still comes up saying that i dont have them.
Any ideas, thanks

  citadel 19:49 27 Jun 05

the onboard graphics are auto diabled when you put a graphics card in the slot. try removing the card and reinstalling it.

  alan227 19:53 27 Jun 05

To disable the onboard graphics you need to enter the BIOS, it generally tells you on the startup splash screen how to access the BIOS ( press delete key or the F2 key)
You can generally find it under Integrated Peripherals and the instructions to disable it are generally on the bottom of the screen.
After disabling it press F10 then enter.

  will123 20:02 27 Jun 05

i went into prepirihals, and disable onboard game,i assumed this was the on-board graphics, thing is it had 3 options
(anotehr number)
surley if it was graphics it would just say enable/disable. What else could it be called?
im sooo confused

  citadel 20:06 27 Jun 05

it is when you install a sound card you need to diable on board sound. the graphics are auto disabled when a card ia installed.

  will123 20:11 27 Jun 05

well when i un-insatall all my nvidea drivers, windows still looks sharp on a high res, this tells me the graphics insnt dis-abled

  alan227 18:43 28 Jun 05

Have had a look at your mobo and the BIOS and it does not have integrated graphics.
So the problem lies somewhere else.

  alan227 18:49 28 Jun 05

You could try uninstalling the Nvidia drivers and reboot the computer and the new hardware found wizard should show up, whan it asks for the disk put your driver disk in then go online and download the latest drivers, which you can get from here click here Then install them.

  gudgulf 19:01 28 Jun 05

You have reinstalled the motherboard chipset drivers after the reformat,haven't you?.........If you haven't then you might find that your AGP acceleration is disabled which wont affect Windows but will definitely spoil your fun with games.

BTW what exactly happens when you try to run CS-S?

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