Graphics Driver Issue?

  RobCharles1981 20:47 21 Jul 07

I'm noticing a problem here with 3 of my games I regularly play.

GTA San Andreas
Need for Speed Most Wanted

I just put GTA to load now and when I actually play the game its so fast its like if your fast forwarding a cassette tape!!

The Graphics I have is the BFG 8800gtx OC 768mb and I have the current driver click here

The 3rd Game I want to start playing is Counter Strike Source when I find a server on Steam, Game Launches and I get to the screen with the colourd background and the loading bar, I wait for over 5mins and it just sticks there, I've tried re-downloading and reinstalling the game from the disk and as well as steam and defraging the game Games and varyfy the game files, no joy.

Anyway offer advice to this please?
Thanks as always

  RobCharles1981 23:34 21 Jul 07


  ArrGee 01:50 22 Jul 07

Are you making sure that you un-install the current drivers, restarting, then loading up the new drivers?

  crosstrainer 05:42 22 Jul 07

I have had similar issues with Nvidias newest drivers....The problem can be sorted by uninstalling them and reverting back to the old one for now.

I have 3x 880gtx cards that won't play ganes properly with the new ones.

  RobCharles1981 10:33 22 Jul 07

I Too think its a driver issue myself, like I said I have the current update when I ran the Steam Diagnostics tool it said my Graphics Driver "Failed" Half Life 2 Death Match Runs Fine!

  crosstrainer 10:38 22 Jul 07

Go back to the old one, lot's of games refuse to run under the new control panel (it's a memory addressing issue that MS are aware of (not Nvidia's fault apparently)

  RobCharles1981 14:24 22 Jul 07

Just looking for a previous driver right now......

  RobCharles1981 17:04 22 Jul 07

I re-installed current driver looks ok now. And looked in the advanced graphics settings.

  crosstrainer 17:06 22 Jul 07

Use it it's default settings....I played around with gamma and contrast, and found games wouldn't run properly.

Leave everything at "Application controlled" and then set what you want in the game itself.

  RobCharles1981 16:38 23 Jul 07

Out of interest also, where could I find a previous driver to May Drive release?

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