Graphics Cards - cables and adaptors???

  Will 10:23 06 Jan 04

I have just bought a Verto GeForceFX 5600XT Graphics card and it has come with some cables. There wasn't an idiots guide with it and I bought the card for gameing but am interested it other things it can do. I understand it can be connected to a tv (analogue aswell as digital?)as an extra monitor but what would I use the S-Video cable and DVI-VGA Adaptor for? Could it be used on an analogue video. does it tanable me to video from the PC or can I record to PC from the video?
Lots of questions is there an article I can read?

  Gongoozler 12:33 06 Jan 04

Hi Will, the S-Video lead will connect to a tv that has an S-Video socket, or via an S-Video to Composite converter to a tv without an S-Video socket. The DVI-VGA Adaptor will convert a DVI (Digital Visual Interface) to connect to an analogue (VGA) monitor.

  Gongoozler 12:47 06 Jan 04

I just looked at the manual at the PNY site, and have to admit that it really is a rather feeble attempt. However there is much more useful information available from the web site click here. The TV Out information is especially relevant to your query.

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