Graphics Cards, AGP or PCI

  paradiddle1984 19:24 08 May 03

OK ive posted before because of my trouble finding an agp 64mb or 128mb gfx card 2 fit my compaq evo machine.

The only small form agp cards are rather low spec.

Would it matter aso much if i got a 64mb pci card rather than agp?

  Legolas 19:30 08 May 03

I dont think it would matter all that much unless you are a serious gamer.

  paradiddle1984 19:34 08 May 03

well ive got the likes of vietcong, i lik my games so i want them to run fairly smoothly.

Vietcong aint that demanding but i just cant seem to get a decent agop card that fits my machine and a system rebuild into a tower is a rather expensive solution

  duplo 19:50 08 May 03

PCI is a much slower interface... AGP was desighned to allow greater bandwidth for gaming, most games would require that now, and for smooth running AGP is far superior to PCI

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