graphics cards

  alanstav1970 09:04 AM 14 May 12

will any graphics card fit into any desktop?i am looking to upgrade my nividea 8600gs. if so any suggestions with a limited budget(purely for gaming). cheers alan

  alanstav1970 09:17 AM 14 May 12

my pc spec is- intel(r)core(tm)2 quad cpu [email protected] 2.40ghz. ram 2.00gb. 32bit operating system

  KRONOS the First 09:29 AM 14 May 12

You have forgotten to mention the most important component the motherboard.But I am guessing that your motherboard has a PCI-E slot for your graphics card. Although you have mentioned a limited budget,how much is that exactly? What sort of games do you play?

  alanstav1970 11:14 AM 14 May 12

shooter,rpg(assasins creed,sniper elite,batman etc)how do i check what motherboard? pc novice cheers alan budget £100

  KRONOS the First 11:39 AM 14 May 12

Use this SIW. Scroll down to the free version,download and install and then open the program. On the left hand side under Hardware you will see a Motherboard heading, click on that and on the right hand side you will see, under Summary your motherboard maker and model.

  alanstav1970 12:00 PM 14 May 12

packard bv pn5-e sli 1.xx 50434e

  KRONOS the First 12:20 PM 14 May 12

Sorry should have asked what size power supply have you,you will need to take of the side and have a look and it will say,I think 350/400W. Can you check as that also makes a difference to your upgrade choices.

  alanstav1970 15:32 PM 14 May 12

it says"total output continuous shall not exceed 400watts"

  KRONOS the First 16:07 PM 14 May 12

You are going to struggle with 400W PSU to get a decent upgrade as you really need 450W minimum and ideally 500W to be sure. But leave it with me and I'll have a look around.

  KRONOS the First 16:49 PM 14 May 12

Do you have a 6 Pin connector on your power supply. Scroll down this page to see what I mean. 6 Pin connector.

  alanstav1970 17:49 PM 14 May 12

where would i find this?,is it plugged into something? sorry for being stupid


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