Graphics Card Upgrade. Confused by PCI Express versions..

  Pizz88 04 Mar 12

Hi all,

My PC currently has a ATi Radeon 5450 HD. It came with the PC, but i'm looking to upgrade. I believe this is a PCi Express x16 card.. A little confused as to the PCi Express versions.. and what I can fit.

Also any recommendations on cards would be great. My budget is anything under £100. I'm not looking for a stellar card as I know these are very expensive, but a good improvement for gaming which supports HD.

Any advice?

Thank you!

  KRONOS the First 04 Mar 12

What make/ model of PC or make/model of motherboard? I would not worry to much about what PCI express actually means this is basically the slot in which your graphics card fits.

Is your card one of these HD 5450. if so and it is what is known as low profile, which means that it is a smaller card in regards to height as opposed to,let say normal graphics cards. So this is why you need to post your PC make and model so we can see what size GPU it can take.

  Pizz88 04 Mar 12

Its a Dell Inspiron 570. Yes, thats my current card. Its a dell motherboard. The case isn't restrictive in any way to the physical size of the card.

For more information, i've attached a html report of my full system from CPU-Z here :

Hope it helps you answer my question,


  KRONOS the First 05 Mar 12

Not really sure why you provided the above download as by telling me the model of your Dell made it easy to get information.

You might find that you are limited on upgrade to your GPU as you only have a 300W power supply and chances are that will not be enough.As far as I can tell you should be able to fit any ATX power supply into your case. A minimum these days is 500W but that is not to say you can get away with a little less.


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