graphics card purchase mistake.

  ricvic 14:13 01 Jan 03
  ricvic 14:13 01 Jan 03

Happy new year.

Acer Motherboard, celeron 333, 384mb SDRAM, w98se. s3trio video. System elderly, does almost all I want (office apps, internet, not much games) - but there is an obvious graphics bottleneck sometimes.

Wanting to remove the bottleneck I bought a geforce mx400 64mb graphics card which I saw on offer at Watford.

I now note that it requires min 350+ processor. I assume that there is no way around that (but I'm open to good news) Watfords returns procedure seems generous enough: I can return it for refund, understandably losing carriage both ways (say £10). Alternatively I could attempt to obtain a 500mz (max speed in the motherboard manual) slot 1 processor. (From????)

Opinions, please.


I know that you will all want to say 'throw it out', but it does most things perfectly well.

You say that is the max speed quoted in the motherboard manual, but I would be inclined to see whether there is a bios update available that will allow a faster CPU.

I cannot think where you will find a 500Mhz apart from local dealers / secondhand etc.

  ricvic 14:25 01 Jan 03

Thanks for that!

  Djohn 16:02 01 Jan 03

ricvic, try here, click here and look on their second user page, they have some older CPU's starting at £2-00. J.

  graham 17:04 01 Jan 03

Ricvic, if you bought on-line you can get a refund within 7 days under the distance selling regs, this should include delivery charge.

  DieSse 18:04 01 Jan 03

I would bet a pound to a pinch of salt that the GeF MX will work fine with your existing setup.

  bremner 18:16 01 Jan 03

click here and you will see that the requirement for the MX420 states that it must only be PII or greater, so I can't see why the MX400 would need more. Even the GF4 4600ti has the same requirement.

  interzone55 18:24 01 Jan 03

Minimum spec says PII, Ricvic is running a Celeron 333, this has no onboard cache and is not in the same league as a PII, I would suggest returning the card or getting a better processor.

BTW the GPU on a MX400 is actually more powerful than a Celeron 333, so will be overkill anyway, you will just be shifing the bottleneck elsewhere.

  ricvic 19:07 01 Jan 03

Thanks for advice so far - I'm now clear in my mind about the alternatives.
I'll leave the thread open for comment a while longer.


  ricvic 19:10 01 Jan 03

Oh, by the way,

What could you suggest by way of graphics upgrade for my system?

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