Graphics card problems

  julian-278892 11:29 10 Feb 03

I am trying to install a 16mb agp graphics card. I am now getting an error code 10 will not start, i have tried everthing i can think of. Any body got any ideas. I am begining to wonder if i have not got enough power to run this as i have only got a 200w power supply which is also running a 60g + 3g hard drives p111 450mz chip + cd + cdrw and 700mg ram. Help please.

  ©®@$ђ 11:34 10 Feb 03

whats card did you have in it before

have you got onboard video, if so that needs to be disabled first

  julian-278892 11:39 10 Feb 03

i have a matrox 4mb agp which works with no probs, i have uninstalled it before fitting the new one but i just can not get it to run.

  Tj_El 11:42 10 Feb 03

have you checked your BIOS settings...? some motherboard BIOS have settings that affect the graphics card.

  julian-278892 11:49 10 Feb 03

I have tried reseting the bios several times but without any luck i seem to be going round in circles so time to ask for help

  Tog 12:58 10 Feb 03

To discount the power supply, pull the power connectors off the HDDS and CDs. BIOS will post without them quite happily. If you don't get the same error, it's not the PSU.

  julian-278892 13:02 10 Feb 03

Will try that Thanks

  ©®@$ђ 13:06 10 Feb 03

have you installed the drivers for the graphics card

whats is this 16mb graphics card called

this error code 10, i presume this is showing up in device manager

CODE 10 - Device Failed to start.

Update driver, You may also be able to resolve this issue by removing the device in device manager, and going through the Add New Hardware Wizard. or removing it from device manager and then restart windows and hopefully the found new hardware wizard will apear and you should be able to put the installation cd in, and locate the drivers and install

  julian-278892 13:20 10 Feb 03

I have tried the driver updare and the card has be installed many times with no result the card is labled as butterfly wih nvidia vanta chip

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