Graphics card problems

  NotsoNewuser 03 Dec 11

I have lost the full use of my card as it will not now show video, just get a black screen.It is an ATI A9600XT. No apparent reason for the failure. Have downloaded current drivers, although installation has been a bit difficult with the "can't run 16 bit windows program" popping up. Have also got current Via drivers for M/B. Would this be card failure,a M/B problem, or something else? Running XP(SP3), PC 2004/05. Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this would be appreciated.

  rdave13 03 Dec 11

Do you have onboard graphics? If so then uninstall your ATI graphics drivers then shut down, not reboot. Remove the card and plug the monitor connection to the onboard VGU connector. Boot up and see if everything works OK.

  NotsoNewuser 03 Dec 11

No on board graphics I'm afraid.

  rdave13 03 Dec 11

Looks like you need a new card, they can fail slowly or just die.

  lotvic 03 Dec 11

I agree with rdave13, mine's slowly dying and get some weird stuff happening to display. (have ruled out everything else by testing in another pc) mine seems to be related to overheating but all fans are clean and working.

Can you try your card in a different pc to check it? I would guess you have already done the obvious, checked card connection is tight in slot, and cable from card to monitor.

  Nontek 04 Dec 11

Switch off PC, remove card, make sure PCI slot and inside of PC case is clean and free from dust fluff etc, especially the card slot (I use a soft domestic paint brush on mine). Refit card making sure of good fit. Then try PC again.

  Terry Brown 04 Dec 11

If you can get to SAFE mode, have a look at options for VGA mode and select, This will start your comuter in a very low level graphic mode(I believe it is about 16 colours and 640 * 480).

While in that mode your current graphic drivers and motherboard drivers are NOT loaded. Load the latest drivers for the graphic card and reboot, selecting Normal start up.

This may be enough to reset your graphic card, otherwise you may have to the same again but with the motherboard drivers.


  NotsoNewuser 10 Dec 11

Thanks to all who made suggestions. I have solved the problem, it was a conflict in the software. After trawling through other sites I uninstalled Quick Time and any other items that involved video, installed Media Player 11, reinstalled all the drivers and got my video back.

  rdave13 10 Dec 11

Thanks for the feedback. Surprised that it was software related such as Quicktime. Card failure or driver corruption usually. Hope its not short lived.


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