Graphics card not detected

  dotterel 20:33 22 Jan 04

I have an Athlon 2600, K7VT4-4X 3.0X motherboard and Geforce 64 graphics card, running XP. All was fine until I had to reinstall XP. Now, whenever I scroll, the screen redraws v. slowly. I assume this is because onboard graphics are being used, not the card. I have installed updated drivers from Nvidia but I cannot find any trace of the card anywhere. I downloaded and ran Belarc advisor. Under "Display" it says none detected. Any ideas please?

you could try turn off, remove & re-seat the G card turn on and see if its picked up

  dotterel 21:23 22 Jan 04

Thanks, I've just tried that, but no joy.

Have you a spare PCI G/card to try & if the original card's a PCI card you have try it in a different slot. failing this the card could have died

  dotterel 21:42 22 Jan 04

It's plugged into the brown slot which I think is AGP (PCI are white?) and I do not have a spare PCI card. It seems too much of a coincidence that it should die at the very time I reinstalled XP does something need altering in BIOS? Thanks anyway. Any more ideas?

  andrew-216448 21:43 22 Jan 04

have you disabled the onboard graphics prior to reinstalling your graphics card?

  andrew-216448 21:45 22 Jan 04

go to your bios and disable the onboard graphics.

  dotterel 22:20 22 Jan 04

I've just gone into the BIOS and can find no reference to onboard graphics. It has AGP mode set to 4X, AGP aperture to 128 mb, AGP fast write enabled and PCI delay transaction disabled. In resource configuration, Primary graphics adaptor is set to AGP as opposed to PCI. Does this sound right?

  andrew-216448 22:44 22 Jan 04

it seems that your mobo does not have an onboard graphics. i've check spec of the mobo at the asrock website. go to control panel, click on system, click on hardware then look for display adapter. see if it detected the card or if there is a yellow question mark, right click on it, update driver. hope it works.

  gold 47 22:51 22 Jan 04

Fast write should be disabled this is not enabled
on both my computers,you sound if have a conflict
delete the the graphics card and remove it and reboot if it reboots then the onboard card is causing a conflict and must be disabled if your computer won't boot then power down replace the graphics card and boot up windows should detect the card and you should put the card driver disk in at this stage.

  dotterel 22:54 22 Jan 04

Under device manager, there is no reference to a display adaptor or any question marks. Any more suggestions most welcome...

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