Graphics card needed.

  the hick 20:38 06 Feb 08

My PC is based on Asus barebone, with 250w power supply, AMD 6400x2 CPU and 1gb.RAM. It has on-board graphics. Never been one for games before, but I would like to know, what type of graphics card would be suitable for Flight Sim. 2004 in this set-up, and would it need new power supply? Any advice much appreciated, thankyou.

  lisa02 20:43 06 Feb 08

250w is quite low. Is this one of them small computers?

  the hick 20:52 06 Feb 08

The case is tower-type, about 14 inch by 14 inch, the mobo is ATX micro size.

  okcoky 23:38 06 Feb 08

It would need a power supply of at least 450w and a graphics card not onboard as flight sim is very graphic intensive.

  Totally-braindead 23:43 06 Feb 08

First thing is. Does the board have either an AGP or PCI Express slot.

If it has neither then theres not much point suggesting something.

  keef66 09:51 07 Feb 08

If you don't know the difference between an AGP and a PCI-express graphics card slot, post the motherboard details and somebody will tell you what you have

  the hick 17:33 07 Feb 08

Board has PCI-express slot, new-ish PC. Hi 'Okcoky', I'm confused about 'graphics card not onboard'? Thanks for reply though, must find a new PSU as well it seems.

  Totally-braindead 18:49 07 Feb 08

Well it depends on cost really.

A new branded power supply will cost something between £40 and £50 so how much could you spend on a graphics card bearing in mind with a decent processor you might want to keep it for a while?

The Nvidia 8800GT seems to be what most reckon is best value but its not necessary to go as far as that for Flight Sim 2004. Having said that you want to plan ahead and not just get what will run this but think what you might need if you decide to run something more demanding.

You might also want to consider more RAM, I have 1 gig and its fine but more RAM is worth considering.

Its all down to cost really. And if you might try some other more demanding game.

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