Graphics card - monitor input socket

  Ellie3009 20:42 27 Feb 03

This is going to sound really silly...

Think of the monitor input on a graphics card...
Well, the monitor plug has two little screws, that screw into two threads on either side of the input.

Heres the ridiculous part! The threads on my graphics card are missing! Not the screws, the holes! It happened at some point during house-moving, but in consequence the monitor plug still fits on, but doesnt screw in, so it wobbles about a lot.

So can anybody tell me where I can get new screw-hole from, if at all, and what these thingies are called?
(And no, they arent rattling about inside the case, I have checked!)

  microswift 20:58 27 Feb 03

I suppose as a stop-gap you could just stick in a couple of appropriately sized rawplugs.

  Ellie3009 21:06 27 Feb 03

nice idea, but theres nothing to stick the rawlplugs into! i'd have to glue them to the graphics card...

  froggg 00:26 28 Feb 03

new screw holes? oh,you mean nuts-try tandy.

  DieSse 00:33 28 Feb 03

Are you sure they're not still screwed onto the ends of the monitor cable plug - that's what usually happens if you screw them too tight in the first place.

If they really have gone missing (can't imagine how they could tho?) - then go to a local freindly computer shop, and see if you can scrounge a coule off the back of an old card or port fixing plate - they're bound to have something "throw away" with some left on. I've always got some (but I'm in Spain).

  BrianW 09:43 28 Feb 03

If you e-mail me your address I will send you a couple. Brian :>{}

  Ellie3009 13:30 28 Feb 03

Brian W, thanks :) thats a very generous offer.

Froggg, I don't know whether i mean nuts, i can't tell what they look like, because they aren't there!!!!

And DieSse - no, definately not on the end of the monitor plug!

Any just in case anyone is wondering, I'm not a blonde!

  DieSse 21:17 28 Feb 03

"i can't tell what they look like, because they aren't there"

They look just like the ones for the other connectors on the back of the computer - parallel and serial ports.

  DieSse 21:18 28 Feb 03

PS - If you have an unused serial port, you can "borrow" those pro tem.

  howard60 21:56 28 Feb 03

or there will be nowhere for the screw sockets to screw into. They look like a 20p piece about 5 mm across the flats which are themselves 5mm long. This then becomes a thread which screws into the holes in the video card.

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