Graphics Card - Laptop

  Technofobe 18:03 30 Dec 06


I am considering buying a laptop and would like to know the following:-

Can you update a graphics card on a laptop? I am thinking of when vista becomes available

Your help is appreciated

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:18 30 Dec 06

Unfortunately, no there is nothing that you can upgrade on a laptop, except increase the amount of ram or replace the hard drive.

  Totally-braindead 18:18 30 Dec 06

Unless its one of the few very very expensive laptops that have this option then no you cannot upgrade the graphics, what you have is what you get.
The last time I saw one of these laptops it was nearly £2000, haven't looked for a while but if they are still available they will still be £1500+

  dagenius 20:55 30 Dec 06

I have a compaq presario 6320us with a
*amd athlon xp2000 processor
*256 ram

Im trying to do decent video editing need a good boost what are good upgrades to the processor that are compatible with the motherboard

  wee eddie 22:37 30 Dec 06

It's better to start your own thread rather than hi-jacking another's.

  sean-278262 00:05 31 Dec 06

Some lower end rarer brand laptops allow you to update the graphics card. However these are almost always the power machines of the 17inch class and with much more chassis space to accomodate upgrading.

However Totally-braindead is pretty well right in that they are usually expensive. Last one I saw was just a little over £900 and was not the best specified laptop in that price range.

  terryf 00:40 31 Dec 06

I am told by my son that if you want to do video editing on a laptop you must buy one with a separate graphics card, he does video editing as part of his business.

  Jake_027 14:59 31 Dec 06

Windows Vista will run on Intel GMA 950 and ATI Express 200 (the integrated graphics you find on lower end laptops) so you might not have to upgrade if all you're using it for is Vista. I hope so because I'm getting click here in a few days and I also would like Vista with the Aero interface. I'd have someone else on here confirm that though.


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