graphics card for laptop?

  Gibbons 15:31 25 Mar 06

I got my laptop (inspiron 9300)about 6 months ago and didn't bother shelling out for a better graphics card as i assumed the standard ATI Mobility Radeon X300 would be able to handle whatever i needed it to do.

However, i am finding more and more that it isn't up to scratch for new games, but i am pretty unsure as to what to do about getting a new one as ive never upgraded before.

I have a few questions concerning them:

1. How to i fit it to my laptop (will i have to take it apart or are they external?)and is this difficult to do?
2. How much will one cost?
3. Do i have to get a special sort for a laptop or are they universal?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Tom.

  pj123 15:36 25 Mar 06

Don't know much about laptops (nothing, in fact) but I wouldn't have thought that was a DIY job.

See if you can get any info from these people:

click here

  wjrt 15:43 25 Mar 06

click here

read here

  Gibbons 16:10 25 Mar 06

doesn't look like theres much of an option then, is there any way of making my existing card better by over clocking or something?

  AndySD 16:14 25 Mar 06

Nope but what you can do is close down as many programs and services running in the background as you can. Start Run tupe in msconfig and choose the startup tab click here and use the search and untick any not needed. Services click here

  Gibbons 16:17 25 Mar 06


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