Graphics Card Info

  BeeWee 11:16 31 May 08

Where on the computer is the info regarding my graphics card? I need to know the name so I can update the drivers. Scrolling is very shaky and I think updating the graphic drivers might be the answer to the problem.

  ambra4 11:48 31 May 08

Right click on my computer on desktop-Properties-Click Hardware Tab-

Click Device Manager-open Display adapter will give you all the information you require

to update your drivers

  brundle 11:50 31 May 08

Use this; click here

  BeeWee 12:43 31 May 08

Thank you both. I have updated the drivers but am still getting the shaky screen when I scroll.

  BeeWee 13:32 31 May 08

Thank you Marg7. Where do I find display properties?

  BeeWee 13:39 31 May 08

Sorry - yes I know where that is!

  BeeWee 13:45 31 May 08

Well I have followed your advice but not a lot has changed. I do have a wireless k/b and mouse.

  brundle 15:23 31 May 08

Scrolling in what? Browser? All Windows programs?

  BeeWee 15:45 31 May 08

Thank you - it now seems to be working ok. I have reinstalled the mouse.

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