Graphics card Info

  MIKE 10:12 23 Oct 04

Could any one let me know re graphics cards. Assuming you have the slots, are PCI & AGP cards interchangable. As an example if you are using an AGP card and it goes faulty can you replace with PCI card and are there any known problems.

  MIKE 10:31 23 Oct 04


  Dorsai 10:58 23 Oct 04

they are not interchangable.

An agp card only fits in a agp slot

ditto, pci in pci slot.

but if an AGP card dies, there is nothing stopping you using a PCI in a pci slot. It is just likely to be slower.

Hope this explains.

  MIKE 11:03 23 Oct 04

Thanks Dorsai, I did realise you could not put a PCI card in an AGP slot because of slot differences. But your advice on being able to use a PCI or AGP card was just what I wanted to hear. Thanks again.

  Dorsai 11:11 23 Oct 04

One thing to remember (that i just remembered), if going from agp to pci, or vice versa, you may well have to go into bios, and change the video adaptor settings, so that it looks in the right place for the video card.

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