graphics card help

  steman 20:14 11 Aug 11

Hi guys im not great with pcs, i have seen this PC which i am interested in getting to replace my current one. I have no real knowledge of this PC although i have seen the specs of one in commet and it is within my budget however the graphics card is described as "Intel HD 170 0 Shared graphics", I want the computer mainly for gaming, i am not too bothered about being able to play games at the highest settings, i have however been told i will need to update the graphics card as it is shared and not dedicated to play new games coming out, is this true? and if so what graphics cards would be best? my budget would be about £70 if someone could suggest one that will be compatible with this PC and will run the likes of battlefield 3 quite well i would be very greatful.

  iscanut2 20:29 11 Aug 11

£70 ,ay be too little..I think most so called budget ones will start at over £100.

  steman 20:39 11 Aug 11

ok then say £120? any suggestions? other than the graphics card would everything else be able to play new games?

  ams4127 21:32 11 Aug 11

The basics of the machine are fine for gaming if you add a decent Graphics card. Probably, as iscanut says, over £100. I would also check what the PSU rating is, it might not be enough to run the card.

  smurf46 23:06 11 Aug 11

That Acer system is classed as a slim/small form factor cased system, they are designed to be a video/web/email type machine that looks pretty sat next to your monitor.

They are not designed to be a gaming machine of the BF3 class, even if it has the necessary card slot you are still going to be looking for a low profile/low powered card to shoe horn into it :(

From what i can find on the Acer website the case is the same as this model range - link text You can see from the case dimensions its approx the same width as a full height graphics card lol.

That case will never be capable of shifting the heat generated by a BF3 capable graphics card I'm afraid :( I would therefore be looking at something in this range to suit your budget - link text please bear in mind you need to allow for an operating sytem as it isn't included in the price. Better still give them a call explaining your budget (to include win 7 and delivery) and what you want to use your pc for :)

They also have a very friendly user forum, explain the same thing to those guys and they will willingly spec you something suitable :)

Hope this helps.

No i'm not affiliated with Aria, but i do purchase my components from them :P

  steman 12:00 12 Aug 11

Point taken, thankyou very much for your reply will get intouch with aria!


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