Graphics Card help

  jroper 20:50 26 May 11

I recently bought a new computer for online gaming. I'm not liking the graphics card that has come with it. I'm not to clued up on computers, so please be patient with me.

I'm looking to get a " strong textGigabyte Radeon HD 4770 512 MB Dual DVI with TV OUT "

Is this compatible with my computers and if so, is it better than the one I have currently? I play an online game called Planetside, so its all about the FPS.

Your advice would be much appreciated.


  jroper 20:51 26 May 11

  gengiscant 08:18 27 May 11

What is the make/model of your new PC?

  jroper 02:28 28 May 11

It's a ZOOStorm

  gengiscant 07:50 28 May 11

Thats the make,what about model? Can you find it here?Zoostorm

  jroper 23:44 31 May 11

It's not on there sorry..

  gengiscant 07:06 01 Jun 11

Does it not have a sticker on it ,probably on the back which will have the model name/number. What is your budget for the graphics card as the one you have chosen would not be my first choice.Though it will work in your PC.

  rickf 10:03 01 Jun 11

You don't say waht your present graphics card is. How is one to know the one you intend to buy is better????

  wee eddie 10:40 01 Jun 11

Despite what you have said about the PC being new, I have to assume that you bought it Second Hand as, had you bought it new, you would have lots of pieces of paper telling you what Model you had bought.

Download this Belarc and it will tell you what you have inside. Then you can pass the details on to us. From memory, Zoostorm was bought by Dell a couple of years back and is used, by them, to brand their Gaming Computers. So you should have a pretty capable machine of whatever vintage


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