graphics card help

  Tony W. 18:39 27 Oct 09

Can anybody recommend a graphics card upgrade for my computer.Current card Nvidia 8800gt.

System is 550psu
SLI nforce 650i SLI
3.25 GB Ram
I am changing my monitor to a 23 inch. and need a card that will support 1920x108 res.


  citadel 19:06 27 Oct 09

8800gt will do that res and more.

  GaT7 19:09 27 Oct 09

Yes, I can confirm citadel's comment. G

  Tony W. 19:14 27 Oct 09

My present monitor will only allow me to have 1680x1050 after which the image becomes distorted.

  I am Spartacus 19:27 27 Oct 09

You don't think it's because your current monitor won't support it?

  Tony W. 19:36 27 Oct 09

My current monitors manufacturer recommended optimum resoltion is 1920x1080.

  GaT7 20:00 27 Oct 09

It's probably a driver problem. Try the latest or other versions of the nVidia driver.

A 8800 is capable of a lot more - from click here:
Maximum Digital Resolution: 2560x1600
Maximum VGA Resolution: 2048x1536

These statements don't quite add up?
"I am changing my monitor to a 23 inch. and need a card that will support 1920x108 res."
"My current monitors manufacturer recommended optimum resoltion is 1920x1080."


  Tony W. 20:30 27 Oct 09

Really sorry typed everything too quickly.

Post one should have read I have changed my monitor to 23inch and need card to support 1920x1080

Post 2 should be my new monitor is only allowing me 1680x1050

Post 3 my new monitors manufacturers recommend 1920x1080 as optimum

  Tony W. 16:19 28 Oct 09

An update for those who assisted me with the above.

I contacted Samsung this morning to ask for help they were very good spent almost an hour trying to resolve my problem.

Eventually the agent checked to make absolutely sure that my graphics card would support the new 22 monitor.

The answer is it wouldn't even though the Comet salesman assured me at purchase that it would.Samsung directed me to the webpage which listed all the cards that would support the screen.

He advised me that the retailer(Comet) should have checked this first instead of just wanting to make a quick sale.

Someone contacted the Comet store on my behalf and I was able to return the screen for a full refund.

  GaT7 16:56 28 Oct 09

Thanks for getting back.

That's a very strange one! Never heard of a 8800GT & monitor combo not being able to display a relatively common resolution.

Can you provide a link to that particular webpage please? G

  Tony W. 17:27 28 Oct 09

Hi Crossbow

Have Since found out that the Samsung screen must have the software(Magictune)which comes with it installed before you can adjust the screens resolution etc.

click here

Sorry Crossbow not sure how to attach a link.

Thanks again Tony

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