Graphics Card "Fried"

  Press Man 14:07 26 Jan 09

Hi Guys,

Graphics card decided to "fry" itself last night.
Everything came to a stop with some smoke, can see where card has "burned". I removed the card and powered back up with just one hdd. Cpu and case fans worked, motherboard power light came on, there was hdd activity showing and there was a single "post beep", but nothing on the monitor, no post screen, nothing? Could something else have "fried" as well, or should I try another gfx card? MB = Asus M3M78 Pro, will load Vista Ultimate, processor AM2 5200. Advice would be appreciated.

  crosstrainer 14:24 26 Jan 09

Are you saying that you had 2 graphics cards? Or that you tried a new one?

If you have tried a new one, then it's likely that your mobo has fried itself also. If you are trying to boot without a graphics card, you will get no display.

The likelyhood is that your board has had it, but worth trying another (borrowed) card first.

  Press Man 14:29 26 Jan 09


Only one card, not tried another card yet.

  crosstrainer 14:31 26 Jan 09

Still confused, do you mean you were running 2 cards (sli)? I so both could have gone, try another one, but beware, if the voltage are wromg on the PCI or PCIE slots you could fry another one.

  Press Man 14:41 26 Jan 09


I only had one card installed and running. It was an Nvidia 8800GTS

  crosstrainer 14:46 26 Jan 09

Which means you have NO graphics card in the machine at the moment? It won't work without one. Question is, why did it expire? Overheating, dirty fan, or faulty motherboard or PSU....All could be to blame. If the slot looks ok then it's worth risking a new graphics card, but if it looks burned as well, I'd check PSU voltages and consider a new mainboard and / or PSU

  Press Man 14:55 26 Jan 09


Slot looked ok, will check again. Would the fact that the fans, hdd appears to be active and there is a single post beep indicate that the MB is ok?

  Press Man 14:58 26 Jan 09


The fact that the fans work and there appears to be hdd activity and there is a single post beep, would this indicate that the MB is ok?

  crosstrainer 14:58 26 Jan 09

It's not a cetainty by any means, but it is promising....Could still be a faulty PSU providing incorrect voltages, but if it were me, I'd risk a new graphics card before shelling out for other major components.

  Press Man 15:11 26 Jan 09


"Promising" were my thoughts, will try another card and hope for the best. Will get back with results. "Fingers crossed".

  crosstrainer 15:14 26 Jan 09

Good luck, let us know how you get on :))

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