Graphics card can't be upgraded

  spread72 12:33 28 Dec 06

I decided this years chriggy present would be a graphics upgrade, the one in now is a 64mb GeForce MX 420. I'm told at PC World that although the slot is ok the motherboard is not up to it. I don't know what the motherboard is but the PC is a Microstar bought from PC World 4 years ago it's an average spec, 1012 memory 2.66 p4, I can't believe the graphics was never upgradable. Good or bad news welcome.

  SLAYER 12:42 28 Dec 06

Do you know the motherboard model?

  spread72 12:44 28 Dec 06

How do I find out

  Probabilitydrive 13:13 28 Dec 06

Use this system advisor tool to find out about the specs of your machine click here

  spread72 13:23 28 Dec 06

wow that's good.
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 10/24/2002

  Pamy 13:54 28 Dec 06

Can I ask why you want to upgrade your graphics card, what does it not do that you would like it to do?

  spread72 13:57 28 Dec 06

play my boys latest games

  SLAYER 14:55 28 Dec 06

As far as I can make out this is your board.

click here

6th down on the list, and this is your motherboard click here

If I am correct,and I bow to better informed, if this is your board it has an agp slot so is quite able to be upgraded. By what I leave to others to help you.

  Pamy 15:17 28 Dec 06

I think the problem is that you probably have the best graphics card for your motherboard available to buy now. There may not be a new better card to buy for your 8x AGP slot. Others will be able to advise better than I. Good luck

  gudgulf 19:12 28 Dec 06

Would you list the games you want it to play?

A 2.66GHz P4 with 1GB of ram will cope with most,and there are a good number of decent AGP graphics cards available....all of which will dramatically outperform your MX420.But there may be power issues with some of the more powerful of them.

It would therefore be helpful to know how many Watts your power supply has.

An idea of how much you want to spend would also be useful.

If we have all that information it will make it easier to find a graphics card that is compatible with both your pc and the games.

  Chaz10 22:50 28 Dec 06

try this, not bad for under £50
click here

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