Graphics card advice please

  superhoops 21:10 29 Apr 08

Hi I wonder if anyone would know what would be a good graphics card to get, not too expensive, that would enable Call Of Duty 4 and Medal Of Honor Airborne to play with reasonable to good settings. On both I have to have the settings low and still the graphics are rubbish and blocky. I currently have Nvidea Geforce 7600 GS installed, its what came with the pc. Thanks for your help

  citadel 21:12 29 Apr 08

is it agp or pci express.

  superhoops 21:17 29 Apr 08

Uhmm sorry??? What does that mean?

  citadel 21:27 29 Apr 08

it is the slot on the motherboard the graphics card fits into. agp cards do not fit into pci express slots and vice versa.

  superhoops 21:39 29 Apr 08

Thanks. Is there an easy way to find this out?

  superhoops 11:17 30 Apr 08


  AdeJ 11:23 30 Apr 08

Have a look at your motherboard manual or do a search for the model number online

  Ditch999 11:45 30 Apr 08

Run CPUZ click here It will tell you on the Mainboard tab at the bottom. It will say AGP or PCI-Express. I play these games and have a 7900GT which gives good quality and performance.

  superhoops 12:20 30 Apr 08

Thanks for that. It is PCI-Express. Would you recommend the 7900gt then or can I, without breaking the bank, get a better one?

  Ditch999 12:22 30 Apr 08

Whats the budget? If its around £115 then go for a 8800GT

  Ditch999 12:36 30 Apr 08

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