Graphics card advice please

  radi8or 05:13 03 Jan 07

Morning all,

My graphics card went toes up last night so need a little advice on the best AGP nVidia card available, lost track of all the different numbers etc. Specs are :-

P4 3.2
Gigabyte GA-8KNXP mobo
Corsair 1gb 3200 memory
OCZ 520w psu

Usage :- Best available

Thanks in advance

Regards Bob

  SLAYER 09:28 03 Jan 07


You don't say what your last graphics card was but have a look here.

click here

This will at least start you off in your search for a new card.


  keef66 10:37 03 Jan 07

According to Tom's Hardware Guide the best value for money AGP card from Nvidia is the 7600GT. There's a 7800GS, but it costs a lot more for little or no improvement in performance.

THG also mentions an AGP version of ATI's X1950 pro which is due for release any minute now. It will cost more, but for an AGP system it will be the fastest thing you can buy

click here

  keef66 10:45 03 Jan 07

click here

Looks like a bargain for anyone wanting to extend the life of an AGP system

  Technotiger 10:52 03 Jan 07

Hi, have a look at StephenRogers click-here link, and his happy comments near the end of his Resolved thread.

click here

  radi8or 11:32 03 Jan 07

Thanks for response, sorry for delay, trying to sort out on your link what cards are pci or agp think there mostly new generation cards.
Old card was an FX 5950 Ultra served me well.

Have tended to stick with nVidia cards over time so after your comments and reading a review have decided on a 7600GT, cheers.

Prefer to go with new, and your link only has ATI cards, but thanks for your interest.

Regards Bob

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