Graphics Card advice Please

  Tenacious Green 22:25 02 Jan 06

I have been asked by the brother in law to look for a graphics card as his current integrated graphics are too slow for Guild Wars which he wants to play.

He has 2.7GHZ Intel Pent 4, 256MB Ram, 60 GB HD and his motherboard is ASUSTek GROUPER1.xx.

He is on a low budget and looking at second hand on Ebay. I suggested Geforce FX5900XT but there are not many about and he wants one ASAP. Any suggestions for a decent one second hand £30-40.

  007al 22:34 02 Jan 06

For that money,you`re looking at an Nvidia FX5500 or ATI 9550.
To get a 5900XT secondhand asap,would be a bit of a task.Theres only one on ebay at the moment,and theres over 5days left.
You could be in luck and someone on here has one lying around

  Tenacious Green 22:39 02 Jan 06

Is the 5500 a good midrange card and what will it handle?

  007al 23:15 02 Jan 06

It`s not mid range.For that,you would be looking at spending £100-£150.

  DieSse 23:19 02 Jan 06

What graphics does he have right now - I can't find the Mboard you describe.

  DieSse 23:22 02 Jan 06

BTW - 256MB RAM is very low if he's looking at playing any demanding games - maybe that's the real problem - especially with integrated graphics already using some of it.

  Totally-braindead 23:35 02 Jan 06

I've recommended this to a couple of others its the card I used to have and it cost me over £100 and they are selling it for less than £40 click here actually looking at it its probably a better card than I had as mine wasn't the Ultra version. I know its not a 5900 but its good for the money and its brand new, with games and a mouse. They also have this click here more memory admitadly but of the 2 I'd go for the Ultra one. I also would recommend more memory, another 256mb would speed everything up nicely.

  Tenacious Green 09:30 03 Jan 06

The motherboard is what Belarc describes. I too had not heard of it

  rmcqua 09:48 03 Jan 06

I completely agree with DieSse and others regarding the inadequacy of 256Mb of RAM.

  DieSse 11:08 03 Jan 06

Can you try Everest click here for a different try at identifying the motherboard please.

  Tenacious Green 17:51 03 Jan 06

Brother-in-law no in at moment but from matter of deduction using the fact that his display is controlled by Intel R 82915G/GV/910GL I think the board must be either ASUS P5GD1-VM or P5GDC-V Delux.

Does that have any bearing on the choice of Card?

Secondly he thinks he has 256 of mem in his old PC which may do the job, but I don't know what type yet.

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