graphics card advice

  DLMLUS 10:56 AM 14 Jan 12

Hi I own a acerx3950, running w7 ultimate. I need advice with the possibilty of replacing the onboard graphics(intelHD). My acer has a i5 cpu with 8gb ddr3 memory. The problem i think may be the the PSU which is only 220W also the acer is low profile.

If possible could you advise a card or is the on board graphics OK. The computer is mainly used as a htpc.

Thanks Dan [email protected]

  KRONOS the First 11:01 AM 14 Jan 12

If you mainly use the PC as an HTPC then why do you feel the need to upgrade the graphics card?

Could you post a link to your PC?

  DLMLUS 11:25 AM 14 Jan 12


Thanks for your reply,Link below My comp has a i5CPU the one in the review is a i3 The reason i have asked for advice is, If i don,t need to buy a card i,ll save money.

Thanks again Dan

  KRONOS the First 11:49 AM 14 Jan 12

If your only going to be using it as a HTPC then a graphics card is not necessary and on-board graphics is fine.

  DLMLUS 13:46 PM 14 Jan 12

Nice 1 Chronus



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