Graphics card adapter problems.

  Jen.T 16:34 03 Aug 06

I recently installed a game, it all went fine. Loaded properly but got into the game and it crashed. I recieve an error message saying that i dont have the correct graphics display adapter.
According to the game website, my computer specifications are good enough.
I've been looking for new drivers, but don't seem to be getting anywhere.

My computer is on windows xp professional, service pack 2.
My graphics card is a ati radeon 7500 series, with 64mb of video memory.

Does anyone have any ideas how i can sort this?
I think its most likely a driver problem so does anyone know where i can get the latest driver that is directx 9.c compatible?
I've looked at so many i don't understand them anymore haha

Thanks a lot

  James ® 17:25 03 Aug 06
  keef66 17:49 03 Aug 06

I'm not sure the 7500 card is DirectX 9 capable??

  Jen.T 18:37 03 Aug 06

I tried that catalyst download, still not having it...

  andrew-196854 18:49 03 Aug 06

what is the game you are trying to play?

  Jen.T 18:52 03 Aug 06

Its Sims 2, i know a lot of people are having bother with it.
It worked fine with the orignal sims 2, and the university expansion pack. But since putting open for business on it crashes every time i try to play it.

  Totally-braindead 18:54 03 Aug 06

If the computer runs fine with everything else and its only this one game that causes it to crash then its probably the game that is the problem. As dibblydufuss has asked what is the game. There may be a patch for it from the game developers website.

  Totally-braindead 18:57 03 Aug 06

Any of these any help? click here*5CV9ei&p_lva=&p_li=&p_accessibility=&p_page=1&p_cv=&p_pv=3.1603&p_prods=7%2C700%2C1603&p_cats=0&p_hidden_prods=&prod_lvl1=7&prod_lvl2=700&prod_lvl3=1603&cat_lvl1=0&p_search_text=&p_new_search=1

  Totally-braindead 19:00 03 Aug 06

Sorry link didn't work I had a look on the Eagames website and the technical support for this expansion pack.

  andrew-196854 19:07 03 Aug 06

try this patch click here

  Totally-braindead 19:09 03 Aug 06

There is an open for business patch too.

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