graphics card

  plumbism 22:44 01 Jul 03

have just purchased a geforce4 mx440 agp. After i installed it the computer won't power up. When i put my old rage pro back in it powers up ok. Have i got a duff card. Can any body help.

  DieSse 22:46 01 Jul 03

What motherboard is it - it's just possible, if it's an old one, that the card is not compatible.

And, of course, the card may be faulty.

  DieSse 22:48 01 Jul 03

Also I remember having some DFI motherboards that would not run, specifically, a GeF4 MX card, without a BIOS update (this is unusual tho')

  Ironman556 22:54 01 Jul 03

Check the power supply is minimum 350W, and that the card is seated properly.

  plumbism 05:24 02 Jul 03

the motherboard is an abit kx7-333,haven't had it long

  H-J 09:02 02 Jul 03

insert the card, remove ALL other cards (modem, sound etc) remove all peripherals, unplug keyboard & mouse, so the only things plugged in are vga and power, then try.

let us know the result.


  plumbism 19:45 08 Jul 03

have removed all cards and there is no difference
have tried everything don't know what to do.the card is not faulty.

  Prof ;o) 20:03 08 Jul 03

take the card back and change it for a radeon9000pro it will work with no probs. its as simple as this, some systems just dont like some cards and the only way around it is to get a card with a different GPU.

i had this problem way back when a K6\2 500 was the muts bits i bought a elsa gladiac GF2 based card it just didnt like it changed it for a kyro2 GPU and it loved it to bits for the rest of its life


  SEASHANTY 20:03 08 Jul 03

You have to remove the drivers for the old card before inserting the new one.

  plumbism 21:10 09 Jul 03

Thanks all who gave their advice.
As it turns out i didn't push the card in hard enough. all up and running now.
Am i a prat or what. We all got to learn one way or another.

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