Graphics Card

  terry2605 17 May 12

Can someone suggest what would be the best thing to do.

I have a pc which is about 6 years old (Dell Dimension 9100) with the following Intel P4 3.2GHz 3.2GB Ram Nvida Geforce 7300le.

I play a lot of Games WOW etc and have notice that this is not the best set up, ie the graphics card is crap!!

Would a simple solution be to change the graphics card and if so what would you suggest? or is it not as simple as that.

  KRONOS the First 17 May 12

I would imagine something like a HD 4670 will be OK without you having to upgrade your PSU and I doubt whether you would have bottlenecking issues with your very old P4 CPU.

  terry2605 17 May 12

Thanks Chronus for the advice.

I am now thinking that I might be better retiring this old PC and buying a new spec one for around £500 -£600.

Would I see a big difference in performance if I did that/

  KRONOS the First 18 May 12

Short answer is yes without a doubt ,obviously the closer to £600 the better the PC. Had you any particular make/models in mind?

I build my own but would be able to give my opinion, if you think it might help,on any selection you might care to post. I will also have a look around and post a couple of ideas for you to look at.

  terry2605 18 May 12

Thanks Chronus,

I have been looking around and have looked at Pallicon,Overclockers, Chillblast and UK Gameing.

All I seem to have done is confused myself more and more!

If you see any thing you think might be suitable I would be very grateful, also if it would make a big difference in performance then I could push my budget to £700.

Once again many thanks for your help

  terry2605 18 May 12
  KRONOS the First 18 May 12

I have not come across the company before but they seem to have good reviews. UKGC reviews. As for the PC I notice that it does not come with a operating system which will add another £70. But it is certainly not a bad PC. It will certainly tan the sides of your present PC.

Have found this Chillblast which has a better CPU and a better graphics card and it comes with Windows 7 installed. Now I would probably stick it in a better looking case which you can do by clicking on the green customize button and picking one that you fancy, you will see what extra you will have to pay in red.

  rickf 19 May 12

Why not build one?

  terry2605 19 May 12

Thanks Chronus,

Might well go with the Chillblast one, not worried about he look of the case and would only change it if it helps with the cooling of it.

rickf. I have toyed with the idea but dont think I have the bottle to try

  terry2605 19 May 12

I have just seen the Chillblast Longbow and if I take off the monitor etc it just comes into my budget. any views on this system?

  KRONOS the First 20 May 12

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.In answer to your question about whether this Longbow is better or not than the Fusion Elixer then I would say they are much the same. I prefer the one I linked to purely because my last build has the same motherboard and CPU and I am very happy with it.

So its really up to you.


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