graphics card

  allanon 23 Dec 11

I want to update my gpu. I am running xp on an athlon x4 chip. 3.5 RAM, a 500 W psu, with omly one 6 pin connector from the psu. I currently have a 8800GTS 640 MB,. I want to run skyrim on high settings is my card powerful enough?. If not what cards do you suggest? I have a maximim budget of 150- 200 pounds.

  KRONOS the First 23 Dec 11

Before suggesting a new graphics card try here first. Can my PC run it.

  Ibanez2010 23 Dec 11

The 8800GTS won't manage on high settings. How about a GTX560ti for about £170?

  KRONOS the First 23 Dec 11

If you were to go for the 560Ti you would need to use the twin Molex to 6 pin PCI adapter,which usually is included with the GPU,as your PSU only has the one 6 pin connection.

  allanon 25 Dec 11

Chronus, thanks for this. I was concerned about only having one 6 pin additional power connector, as I didn't know whether the same would be powerful enough for the newer GPU's.

Do you know whether the 560Ti would be a noticeable improvement over my 8800GTS card?

  KRONOS the First 26 Dec 11

Have a look at this. Compare


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