Graphics Card

  andy2503 18:48 09 May 07

I think i need new graphics card but how do you tell what slot you have ie PCI, PCI express, AGP.

AT presnt i have built in graphics on M/B, can get screen to work.
Check screen on another PC ok
Check Hard drive on another PC Ok
Check PSU ok
You can hear PC start up & hard drive start but no pict, M/B hs light on and procc fan works so wanted to try cheap graphics card
PC is a Time machine about 4 years old

Any advise please

  Technotiger 19:35 09 May 07

Hi, what make/model motherboard do you have, though being an old Time machine it is unlikely to have PCIe.

  andy2503 21:08 09 May 07

don't know can't see any make on M/B

  Technotiger 21:30 09 May 07

OK, download and run SIW ...

click here

then click on Motherboard in left-hand column, this will tell you all you need to know about your mobo.

  Technotiger 21:38 09 May 07

Ooops, silly me, of course you can't do that can you... Dohh

  Technotiger 21:46 09 May 07

OK - so I would advise you to get a simple PCI graphics card which is pretty sure to work in your pc.

However, before that, remove and refit your memory sticks - these may have been disturbed.

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