graphics card

  holmesy67 07:40 25 May 05

hello you offered to give me advice on which graphics card i should get, i have windows xp with a radeon 9100, pentium 4 proc, 512 mb of memory, and i can spend 80/100 pounds, what do you think?

  dagwoood 10:54 25 May 05

holmesy67, as per your other thread, if you want to stay with a Radeon card, you'll notice a huge improvement with this card click here and that's a really good price as well.

You'll just need to check that your motherboard can take a x4 or a x8 AGP card.

Something to bare in mind for the future is adding another 512MB of RAM to your system(RAM's really cheap at the moment by the way). This would cut down on your system having to keep accessing your hard drive while playing games and provide better in game performance.Your system overall would be quicker as well(XP loves RAM).

HTH, dagwoood.

  holmesy67 22:07 25 May 05

thanks just had a look, i think i will acquire, one, but how do i find out if my machine is compatible with the 8 times doodaa, thingy.

  Derek 06:04 26 May 05

A very usefull aticle in the current July addition of PCA.

  holmesy67 07:26 26 May 05

thanks everybody, you have been most helpful

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