nallakcim 09:47 08 Jul 06

any way of tweeking up my graphics card without replacing cos when i play some games their heads are missing oh deer

  MichelleC 10:48 08 Jul 06

It depends on your motherboard. If it's an onboard gc you can sometimes allocate more ram via bios.

  gudgulf 11:12 08 Jul 06

That sounds more like a driver problem or something that needs a patch for the game.

What graphics card are you using and what driver version?

What games are you having problems with?

  vinnyT 11:18 08 Jul 06

Also depends on card, as some cards overclock better than others, due to manufacturing processes. Suggest you enter graphics overclocking into the search engine of your choice.

These two sites have qiute good ocing forums, post there.
click here
click here

Remember, if you do decide to oc any part of your pc, you do it at your own risk as you may cause damage and will, probably, invalidate any warrentary.

Hope this helps.

  nallakcim 11:45 08 Jul 06

the card is a radion ati and the game is condemned not sure of the driver might be as well to update it anyway do you think ta for the help people

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