Graphic cards - bit of advice please

  pipfan 12:59 25 Nov 10

Hi all

I'm after a new graphics card and, having had a quick look at Dabs, Novatech, Scan etc I'm absolutely lost !!

It will be used primarily for games, although usually ones that are a couple of years old, and apart from that general internet use and a little bit of video editing.

Looking for sub £100 and it needs to be quiet.

Anyone willing to point me generally in the direction I should be looking?

Thank you, I'm very grateful !


  pipfan 13:16 25 Nov 10

Oh by the way, I play on 1280 x 1024 if that helps !

Thanks again

Pip x

  gengiscant 13:22 25 Nov 10

Will need to know motherboard to see what connection you have be it AGP,PCI,PCI-express, you also might need to upgrade your power supply. Also what sort of space have you inside your PC case, as some of todays graphics cards can be quite big. You should see the size of the HD 6870 I have just bought.
Could you give make/model of PC?
That will be a 192 monitor you have then?

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