Graphic Card Servicing?

  Uboat 16:52 15 Sep 10

I'm sorry if this should be in Help Room i just wasnt sure where to put it, ive got two Nvidia Graphic cards that are about two year old there top line ones and one of them has just died, does anyone know of a company that services them? ive been told to contact Nvida but found them hostile and there uk landline number fob's you off with there website!

  Forum Editor 17:06 15 Sep 10

from Speakers Corner.

  Uboat 17:14 15 Sep 10

sorry FE!

It may be worthwhile looking on Ebay for a second hand one, could be cheaper than getting it repaired.

  Uboat 17:28 15 Sep 10

oldal1, Thankyou for the reply! its a good idea i know! but can you mix two differant cards from the same company IE one card a 1 gig and another 756mb from Nvidia.?
Thankx again

I know very little about using two graphics cards but NVIDIA does offer the flexibility to run graphics cards with different sized memory by using CoolBits. Using CoolBits (value set to 18), you can force both of the cards to use the lower of the two memory sizes and operate them together in SLI mode. When dissimilar memory sizes are enabled to work together using CoolBits, the effective memory size for each card becomes the smaller of the memory sizes.
I found this using Google so this is the total extent of my "knowledge" Hope it helps ! Try a Google search on "Coolbits" for more detailed info.

  Uboat 19:22 15 Sep 10

oldal1 ty again!

Il look into this sounds v intresting! cheers for your time!

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