Graphic card replacement-how to avoid static

  Skinn 20:53 06 Jul 07

I've bought a replacement graphic card on Ebay - can anyone advise how it should be posted and installed to avoid any static electricity damage. Thanks in advance.
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  howard64 22:02 06 Jul 07

with the case still plugged in to the mains but the socket switched off the case will still be earthed. Make sure you place both hands on the case to discharge any static on them and you should be fine to plug the card in.

  Starfox 22:40 06 Jul 07

It should be placed in an anti-static bag and then into a sturdy and well packed box so it can't move around. Delicate things are graphics cards.

  Mac70 22:45 06 Jul 07

I follow Nvidias advice and wear rubber gloves.

  Skinn 22:44 20 Jul 07

Now received the graphics card and anti-static wrist strap. I've read that once installed Windows will offer to install its own drivers but this should be declined and the graphic card manufacturer's drivers should be installed instead.
I've got a link to download these- should they be downloaded before or after installation?

  Totally-braindead 22:51 20 Jul 07


  Totally-braindead 22:52 20 Jul 07

Stating the obvious but remember where it is, put it on the desktop for example so you can easily find it, you can always move or delete it later once installed.

  woodchip 22:56 20 Jul 07

Hold the card by the Bracket and edges of card when fitting. never had a problem. Turn the wall socket plug off before fitting.

PS never used a anti-static since 1995 never had a problem.

It should come in a Anti-Static bag

  Migwell 09:40 21 Jul 07

You talk about anti-static measures. At one or more computer fairs I have visited I have seen stall holders juggling memory sticks in their hands with out any anti-static bags ar wrist bands etc. It seem that they are imune to static problems lol

  umbongo(uk) 12:30 21 Jul 07

no the point is

precautionary measures

as a walk back to the shop is a pain

most of the time you will have discharged yourself while opening the case
even touching another person can discharge you
@ midgwell
their a bunch of tits then arnt they , and not worth doing trade with

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