Graphic Card Prob?

  Siddhartha 13:29 21 May 05

I have a Powercolor 9600 pro graphics card. I have had some problems and I wonder if is caused by this card.
First, although it has a dvi output I have been unable to use it as the monitor kept switching off (this has not usually happened with the d-sub output).
Secondly, I have had a couple of games crash to the desktop - one of them is notorious for this so I thought it was a problem with the games but just recently the computer itself has crashed for no reason.
Thirdly, no matter how many times I have tried, I cannot get 3D Mark to complete the test - I usually get a message telling me the test cannot be completed for some reason or the screen just blanks and i have to restart the computer.
Anyone suggest anything. All other times the computer is fine.

  Technotiger 13:39 21 May 05

Hi, have you tried updating the driver for the card from the ATI website?

  Joe R 13:40 21 May 05


Download the latest ATI catalyst drivers from here.
click here

Uninstall your old drivers completely, and after reboot, install these drivers.

ATI cards have a poor record with drivers and certain cards, though the latest ones are the most stable yet.

  Technotiger 13:46 21 May 05

Similar card to yours - sorted>>>

click here

  Siddhartha 20:43 21 May 05

I loaded the latest drivers and it took 5 attempts to finish 3D Mark 03I kept getting the message that 'it lost focus so could not complete the test.
Thanks for the responses hopefully the problem is fixed

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