Graphic Card help/advice required

  andywain 13:07 19 Nov 04


I own a Compaq Presario 5600 which currently has an ATI 9200 card in it.

I would like to upgrade this, but am not sure which ones will work with my PC.

Could anyone advise whether or not a ATI9800 XT would work? The review on this site refers to a PCI Express bus, but I'm not sure if I have this or not.

Also,. I've read mention of a seperate power supply, but I'm not sure what this means.

Please help


  Noelg23 13:54 19 Nov 04

how old is the PC? PCI Express wont be what you want as the PC wont take it...PCI Express is brand new and you can only get it if its in a brand new PC or you upgrade the motherboard. the graphics you mention should be ok for the PC but like I said how old is the PC?

  andywain 14:53 19 Nov 04


I've had it for about 6/7 months, but I'm not sure how long the model has been around for.

Would you be able to suggest a good card to upgrade to that my PC can handle?


  Noelg23 16:25 19 Nov 04

go to click here and check for the Asus 9570LE it will be...actually here is the link...
click here

its the one I am hopefully getting in the new year...sounds a very good card and could be the one that your PC needs...hopefully your PC can take should do...

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