Graphic card

  denso50 11:35 10 Jun 11

I am running XP PRO and want to upgrade to Win 7. The PC is old but good and I have had Win 7 running on a partition Ok but the Graphic card is not up to the job. G force 4 MX 4000. I want to upgrade the card but with the PC being old it doesn't have PCI E,is there a card I can upgrade to?

  chub_tor 11:54 10 Jun 11

A quick Google search throws up two AGP cards both ATI Radeon, one is the HD3850 and the other the HD 4670. Both around the £75 mark so a bit pricy perhaps.

  gengiscant 11:55 10 Jun 11

You will need an AGP card. Have a look here AGP if you use this Belarc it will list your motherboard,which you can post here and I'll have a look at the specs.

  denso50 12:28 10 Jun 11

Thanks for the response, An AGP card wont fit in a PCI slot.(Unless I use a big hammer)

  chub_tor 14:33 10 Jun 11

If your motherboard is so old that it doesn't have an AGP slot then I am surprised that it has enough RAM to support Windows 7. Did you check with Belarc as to which motherboard you have?

  gengiscant 15:00 10 Jun 11

Well,what's your motherboard then???????

  denso50 17:08 10 Jun 11

Hi,Board: K7S8X. 3.0 BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. P2.20 10/07/2003.

  gengiscant 17:18 10 Jun 11

Which is an Asrock. Yes?

  gengiscant 17:20 10 Jun 11

According to the user manual you have an AGP slot.Manual

  denso50 18:28 10 Jun 11

Hi,thanks for that,your help is much appreciated. Not only found out the board supports AGP,but reading some of the manual helps with other stuff also.Again thanks.

  gengiscant 18:56 10 Jun 11

So no big hammer needed then.LOL

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