Grahphic card resolution question

  orangewhiteblue 14:26 09 Dec 09


I've just bought a used GeForce FX5200 128mb card to work with a Samsung SyncMaster P2270HD TV/monitor.

The screen has a display 1920 x 1080

The graphics card should support up to 1248 x 1536

I have tried it with an old 17" CRT monitor however the display size only goes to a maximum of 1600 x 1200.

Have I been sold a dummy? Or is it the limitations of the CRT monitor.


  orangewhiteblue 14:28 09 Dec 09

sorry screen size should say 2048 x 1536 not 1248 x 1536

  T0SH 15:41 09 Dec 09

Windows sets the highest screen resolution available depending on the monitor that plug and play detects even though the graphics card supports higher settings

You can work around this by clearing the tick from the setting "Hide modes this monitor cannot display" in the Monitor tab available from Display Settings and click on Advanced

Care is needed in using this setting especially with CRT monitors "do not set a resolution or refresh rate it cannot handle"

Cheers HC

  GaT7 16:52 09 Dec 09

You're right, according to the spec sheet (click here), the FX5200 supports upto 2048*1536.

Do you have the latest drivers installed? If not, try these click here or click here (latter is if you have problems with the latest).

Regarding max of 1600*1200 on the CRT, it's most likely the highest that particular monitor is capable of. G

  orangewhiteblue 20:05 09 Dec 09

Thanks for the responses TOSH and Crossbow7.

I have the latest drivers installed and like you've said TOSH unticking that box does reveal the setting I need.

I will have to wait until Xmas to see if it works OK on her TV/monitor.

Thanks again


  GaT7 20:15 09 Dec 09

Try the other drivers I suggested - the 2nd link. At times older cards work best with older drivers. G

  orangewhiteblue 22:40 09 Dec 09

Thanks G, I understand where your coming from.


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