GPU not waking from sleep.

  Peter Lanky 13:43 PM 13 Jun 13

GPU is Nvidia GTX660 and using Windows 8.

I had a issue with my GPU which involved me getting a replacement from the supplier. The original problem has gone, but I now find that my GPU will not wake from sleep. Sometimes just the GPU fails to wake, which I can identify when I hear my HDD starting up and my scanner initiating, but sometimes there is another issue, as I do not hear these sounds, but the PC is still powering up. I am unable to identify anything however, due to not being able to see anything on the monitor.

If I disable my GPU in control panel (as opposed to uninstalling it), then I am unable to go into sleep mode at all.

I thought the problem could have been caused by software Logitech Setpoint 6.52 as I have another problem with this in that the music playback keys on my keyboard suddenly stop working, but will start to function again merely by opening Setpoint. I uninstalled Setpoint and believed I had solved the problem when I was able to wake from sleep a few times, but after around 6 successes, the problem returned.

I have tried having hibernate ON and OFF but it makes no difference.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

  lotvic 15:32 PM 14 Jun 13

Have a read of and see if any of the 'solutions' (from about halfway down page) apply, and might work for you in W8.


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