GPS Mapping

  ajm 02:07 AM 21 May 09

I have been asked by a someone in Africa who are looking for a GPS system that they can use to map different locations in a city in Africa, eg Nairobi, Kenya and put it onto a base map.

Basically, they need to map locations of energy meters at different customers, program the meter number with a location on the GPS hand held unit, and go back to the office, and down load the locations onto a base map.

Any thoughts or suggestions on software / hardware that can do this function

  OTT_Buzzard 12:49 PM 22 May 09

This is a start for the software: click here

Jut a word of caution; With all GPS systems operating without correction (or on the P-Signal :) ) the actual accuracy will not be especially good. It'll be ok if no two energy meters are within, say, 10 meters of each other. If they are any closer than that then GPS alone is unlikely to be sufficent to locate a specific meter.

The upshot? If a company advertises that their GPS is accurate to '2 meters', ignore the claim. The only valid accuracy statement is if they also declare the Cicle Error Probable (CEP) with the distance accuracy.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:50 PM 22 May 09


Cicle Error Probable (CEP) should have read CIRCLE Error Probable (CEP)


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