GPS (Global Positioning devices) advice

  TheTerminator 18:01 22 May 03

If I wanted to buy one, what would I look for? All I know is that they are useful and the versions i have seen are limited by black and white screens, with no maps or whatever being displayed, just a compass pointing and distance to some pre-set co-ordinates.

Can anyone tell me what to look for?

Many thanks

  Granger 18:40 22 May 03

I have a Garmin GPS III hand-held which is fantastic despite being a bit out of date. Make sure you get one with a built-in map. You get what you pay for with these. I find it brilliant. If I need to get to a meeting somewhere unfamiliar, I enter the postcode in the ordance survey site. This gives me the grid ref which I stick in the GPS and it points the way. Also good if you go exploring a city or in the countryside (the what?) - it will help you find your way back to the car or hotel.

  davidg_richmond 18:53 22 May 03

You can also get PDAs with external GPA systems such as the Compaq GPS with a Compaq PDA or a Toshiba 350 with the TomTom Navigator for around £450-800 depending on the model. These do cost more but have full colour screens, PDA functions, can be voice-operated and give vocal directions. They are more appropriate if you want to use GPS for route-finding and driving.

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