got static ip but vpn wont work

  ΜΔRΙU$ 16:25 13 May 03

my friend has given me his static ip (mine is ready when my adsl is active tommorow) and i wanted to set up a vpn to him i followed the instructions but it failed, he has turned off his firewall and is connected so why wont it work? can anyone help us i mainly got bb so we can network together and share and play games

  ΜΔRΙU$ 18:35 13 May 03


  Despicable Desperado 22:25 13 May 03

You can't both use the same ip address, plus the ip is issued by the isp and is only able to be used by the user of that isp. You'll have to wait for your own ip to be issued to set up a vpn

  jazzypop 22:32 13 May 03

Some background reading for you - click here (especially the Primers and Guides sections) and click here

  Pilch.... 22:36 13 May 03

till you both are activated.

Seeing as the signal goes through the ADSL Line, without your being on, it wont work.

  ΜΔRΙU$ 14:58 14 May 03

i have just got activated today and may i say broadband is just amazing!!!!!!!!!! it is so much more than i expected!!!! ill try the vpn when he gets in from work

  ΜΔRΙU$ 20:44 14 May 03

right my isp force9 says that i have a static ip and quotes it, but when i do ipconfig to see if it matches the last few numbers are different? does anyone know why and i have tried to make our vpn but it still isnt working can anyone help me?

  ΜΔRΙU$ 14:31 15 May 03


  ΜΔRΙU$ 22:26 17 May 03

i have got my static ip sorted and so has my friend but it stil wont work when i set up the connection in new connection wizard it says it is not configured properbly, we both turned off our firewalls and still it wont work

someone must know how to do this please please can someone helpme???????

  jazzypop 22:53 17 May 03

What sort of vpn server is your friend using?

Have you tried start > help, and typed vpn?

  ΜΔRΙU$ 10:21 18 May 03

i thought we could both just set it up with a new connection wizard and use vpn as the settings instead of dial up connection? cant this be done do we have to have some more software? i would like to be taken throught this step by step if pos?

thank you

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