Got new router/modem with firewall but do i need

  aca 19:46 27 Apr 06

to have software firewall on as well, and also on the other pcs connected via LAN?

will it the router/modem be quicker if connected via
its ethernet connection or USB or doesnt it matter?


  remind 19:48 27 Apr 06

Ethernet, designed for networking after all

  remind 19:51 27 Apr 06

Sorry, regarding the firewall; it won't do any harm, you can keep more of an eye on/more control over what communication occurs from your machine to the outside world if you wish, but its not actually necessary.

  Aargh 19:58 27 Apr 06

Agree. Your modem firewall will stop basic inbound problems, but proprietary firewall software will also control outbound connections and is far more likely to receive regular updates against changing threats. One won't conflict against the other. I use a belkin modem firewall and Norton Internet Security. Others swear by Zone Alarm and any of the others you can get.

  aca 21:39 27 Apr 06

I was using Sygate which I found very good so will give this a go. Thanks to all

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