got my new laptop need help

  redsusan 09:35 21 Sep 08

I would like transfer the program convertxtodvd from my desktop to my new laptop, i tried using the easy treansfer but got lost somewhere. also tried copying to cd and but when i ran it on laptop it says out of date enter key but when i do that it takes me to the website to pay again.
Is it possible to copy it over using a flash pen ,if so how?
desktop windows xp
laptop vista.

  johndrew 09:46 21 Sep 08

When you bought the software did you download it from the web site? If so you should have kept the download as this is the equivalent of a CD if you bought it from a shop.

You should also have been provided with an activation key - this is often e-mailed to you and again should be kept.

With these two parts you can install the software on your new PC provided it is compatible with Vista - if not you need to buy an updated version.

If you have neither of the above you will need to download the software again and ask the supplier if they are prepared to advise you of the key you no longer have. Details of when and how you bought it will help.

  redsusan 09:51 21 Sep 08

Yes i kept the key they sent by Email but dident have a cd with it. but when i type in the key it advises it is out of date and directs me to the website to buy again.
It still works fine on my desktop but will be using laptop more now.
Just wondered if i could copy the original over ?

  Pineman100 17:32 21 Sep 08

You can't copy a program to another computer by copying its file(s) across. It has to be properly installed.

So if you downloaded the program, did you keep the original downloaded executable? You should be able to copy this across on to the new computer and then run it, to install the program.

If you've done all this, and your only problem is the key, then I'm afraid your only course of action is to contact the software publishers and see if they'll help.

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