Got the index and some files

  Graham ® 13:44 29 Jan 05

click here, what do I do next?

  Graham ® 13:45 29 Jan 05

Click bottom right to enlarge.

  Forum Editor 13:52 29 Jan 05

in there Graham ®.

We could speed this up a lot if you fancy emailing me your FTP address and login details. Then I can take a look at what's on the server and probably sort it out a good deal quicker.

Email me, and we'll go from there.

  PurplePenny 14:56 29 Jan 05

I thought that you weren't going to be doing the CP pages after all.

I take it from the URL in the screenshot that you are with PlusNet. I don't know whether it helps but you have access to a site buider in their Member Centre (you'll have to login if you haven't set it to remember you):

click here

  Graham ® 15:08 29 Jan 05

This is planned to be a separate site that I can update myself, hopefully with a hyperlink from the CP site click here, which still hasn't the pictures I sent on Wednesday.

I've been using the Plusnet Website Wizard to get this far, but seem to have ground to a halt!

  Forum Editor 17:43 29 Jan 05

I've taken a look at your webspace and I can see the problem - you had a folder there called index.htm and the image of peaches was inside it.

Web browsers look for an html file called index.htm (or index.html) when they arrive at a url, and unless it's there you'll see what you were seeeing in the screenshot you linked to in your first post.

What you need to do now is create a site, using some web-design software, and upload the files to your space. I've created a sample html file for you and named it index.htm. When you design your site you can simply replace my page with yours, but make sure it has the same name. I've deleted your index.htm folder because you can't have two files with the same name - I'm afraid the images of Peaches has gone, but I'm sure you have a backup.

From what Penny says it sounds as if Plusnet provide you with some site-building software, so you might like to use that to start with and see how you get on.

Come back here whenever you need some more specific advice or help. Don't forget - replace my index.htm with your own when you're ready to upload.

  Graham ® 19:54 29 Jan 05

Starting over!

CuteFTP screen shot click here

My web site click here

Plusnet is apparantly my host. Have I enough to start? Step-by step guidance would be welcome.

  PurplePenny 22:01 29 Jan 05

If you are using the wizard you don't need to be using CuteFTP as well.

If you do want to do it with CuteFTP you will also need something to create the site with (have you got CuteHTML as well?) as the PlusNet wizard does it all live, online.

I've just tried putting a site together with the PlusNet wizard so that you can see what it will do (I used my cats for inspiration since that is what you'll be putting up). I'll post the URL once I've done a bit more, but I'm just off to take a break as my eyes are burning (dry eyes!).

  Graham ® 10:15 30 Jan 05

OK, forget CuteFTP, I've gone back to The Plusnet wizard click here

Trouble now is the pictures won't show. I've reduced the IE settings which often cause this, can anyone see them, please?

  Graham ® 10:17 30 Jan 05

I'd like to change that awful wood background, too!

  Graham ® 13:04 30 Jan 05

How am I doing? click here

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