googleEarth question please

  sunnystaines 23 Jan 12

using google earth i want to measure the distance between two points using a footpath, despite clicking the walking icon the route defaults to go via roads.

anyone know how to get the route to keep to the footpaths all of which are thames towpath routes i am trying to measure for a charity walk, or know of another web that will do the job.

  Woolwell 23 Jan 12

You can do it on Google Maps. Go to Labs via settings and make sure the distance measurement tool is enabled. Then in Maps bottom left of the map itself click on the small ruler. You can then set as many way-points as you want and you do not have to follow roads.

  Nontek 23 Jan 12

Can also be done within Google Earth, simply click on the Ruler icon fourth from right.

  Nontek 23 Jan 12


After clicking on Ruler, choose the 'Path' tab, you will then get multiple points with each click, which each add up to total distance covered.

Hope that makes sense.

  sunnystaines 23 Jan 12

nontek & woolwell thank you i will try those options

  sunnystaines 24 Jan 12


tried you advice click on paths tab but cannot get google earth th measure between the two pins.

  sunnystaines 24 Jan 12


cannot find settings or labs option, i signed in and tried help but the help links on labs do not open

  Woolwell 24 Jan 12

If you are signed in to Google then top right there should be your user name. To the right of that is the settings button, clicking on that should show Maps Labs. Open that and make sure that distance measurement tool is enabled (it probably is). Suggest close browser and re-open to maps. Bottom left corner of the actual map there should be a small ruler. Click on that to start the measurement process. To follow a windy path you will need to click on each bend as it draws straight lines.

I currently haven't got Google Earth downloaded so will have to check that later.

  Woolwell 24 Jan 12

With Google Earth - with the rule showing and on path tab left click on the start position (using the square sight). Nothing will show that you have clicked. Move to the next point and click and a yellow line should join the 2 giving the distance. Click again on the next point and it will add the distance and so on.

  sunnystaines 24 Jan 12

woolwell thanks will try again

  sunnystaines 25 Jan 12

woolwell thanks for the continued help but the route still keeps defaulting to roads, i have emailed google and now await a reply. despite logging on still get no settings option.

even tried on two computers xp and w7


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